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Welcome to our next installment of | UpSkill | an educational series, from us you OWS mods, and sometimes special artists we admire and we feel are killing it in the topic of interest. We know there is a lot of information out there on the web and within the community, but to grow as an artist it is very important to gather information from more than one place, to expose yourself to as many artists’ work and processes as you can.  Take from theses resources what speaks to you, mix it with our own creative vision, create something completely new and unique!!
A few helpful tips on how to capture ACTION
From OWS mod Angela Ramsey
Trying to document your little ones who are always on the move can be challenging. Being a mother of 4, my kids are always on the go and I am either chasing after them for the shot, which I won’t do anymore or just not getting it all.
These are a few things I have learned along the way.
  • Check out your scene. When I am in my backyard, I have my favorite go to spot for photographing my children and I sit there with my beer, camera and a good book and wait. I know they are bound to come within my frame at some point that afternoon and I click away. Sometimes, I find myself drawn to another scene in another place and I walk over, shot it and go back to my book.
  • Close your aperture. While I love pretty, bokeh backgrounds, when my kids are running around like little cheetahs, I have hard time getting them in focus at 2.8. I have a much better field of focus at 5.6. This does mean, I have to pay more attention to my background elements, but I enjoy that they add to my story.
  • Panning. I love to get some neat panning shots of my kids. I find this still to be an experiment. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. With my camera set to manual I have my shutter at 1/40, my f stop at f16 and my ISO to the setting that works bests for me exposure. I TRY, ( Key work here ) to move my hips while the subject goes across my frame. It Doesn’t always work, but it is a fun process and can turn un some super cool images.


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