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Sept 14 – 20 | Bokeh

What a great week, we are kinda bummed for it to have come to an end! This may have been one of our favorite themes in a while, who isn’t a sucker for some magical bokeh, Amirght? And to our happiness, you all did not disappoint!!

 We say this every week, but we truly are inspired, beyond proper words, by the amount of talent we have in our small but mighty community of artists. Thank you to all that participated!

So without further ado, we are happy to feature, in no particular order, some amazing shares and tags we received this week.

This week’s MODs ~Carrine & Shanna~

As well as OWS MODs ~ Mary ~ Katie ~ Erica B ~ Erica R ~ Angela ~

{Top 11 BOKEH}

Borne Back Photography


Sharleen Stuart Photography

Jamie Lu











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