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April 10-16 | Weekly Favorite

It’s been a few months since we have done a weekly theme on the FB page (like old times). A winter hiatus was a much needed break that I think all of us as artists can completely understand. As you may (or may not know), we did open a closed group where, for a time, we did monthly themes (instead of weekly). The group was great as it was more of a personal setting and it was the perfect little creative outlet to go to during those long, blah, winter months. But now that the warm weather is back and spring is here, we long for seeing those bright, cheerful, sunny images. So we came back from the hiatus and we’re ready for some weekly doses of beautiful photographs and inspiration!

Two of our long time contributors have had to take a step back and will be graciously taking a break from OWS – Carrie (Carrie Howland Photography) and Nicole Martin (Nicole Martin Photography). We will miss you girls. Thank you for your hard and dedicated work on Our Weekend Stories to make it what it has become and for sharing your own stories from weekends past. Come back anytime as you will always have a place here! We will miss you!! <3


So this past week for our first theme, we chose weekly favorite. We figured it was the perfect thing to start off with since we were just coming back and all. Getting to see what everyone has been up to and shooting lately and what their current favorite images were has been a lot of fun. We thank all of those who submitted images to the OWS FB wall and since this was our first week back, why not feature everyone!?

Thank you to all who submitted your favorite images over the past week! We’ve enjoyed looking at all of your great work. Let’s continue the inspiration shall we? Head on over to the page to see what this weeks new theme is!


12Twelve Photography

My Three Sons Images

Erin Vonruden Keogh

Rachel Cathleen Photography

Emerald Eye Photography

Tammy Davis Photography

Moments by Mancuso

Michèle Tremblay Photo

Melissa Rosic Photography

The Wallflower Photographer

Kelli Hiser Photography

Forever Whimsy Photography

Earth Angels- Angela Juhasz Photography

Lauren Webster


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