Our Weekend Stories

Some people may think that all of our ordinary moments in life are just simple and lack luster.  That as we embark on the minutes and hours throughout our day(s) we either think we don’t or think we can’t photograph any of it because it’s just that- too simple and too ordinary and that none of it really holds any sort of importance.  But you see, it very much does!  There is beauty to be found every single day.  You just have to see it, not with your eyes, but with your heart.  And when you see it, you will feel it.  Our goal is to seek out these little, tiny, pieces of our day and to really capture the magic they hold.

Telling our stories through photographs, we are a group of photographers chronicling the beauty of every day life.

Do you have a story to share? Join us on our journey to tell the world our stories through imagery. The small yet fleeting little moments that make us who we are.

For more information please see the contact link at the top or send all inquiries to: ourweekendstories@yahoo.com